What You Need to Know About the 2019 Honda Civic’s Sport Trim

There’s a reason that for years and years, the Honda Civic has become such an iconic car in its class with tremendous staying power. So many people around the world have lifelong memories of riding in the backseat of their family’s Civic, or getting the keys to a Civic as their first ever car, or gifting a new Civic to one of their kids. While the quality of the Civic has not changed…
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Get an Inside Look at the 2018 Honda Fit

The 2018 Honda Fit is fresh, feeling good, and ready for its close up. If you're used to previous versions of the beloved Honda vehicle, you'll notice a new feel to the 2018 version. That's due to a design emphasis on a more aggressive styling with a youthful and emotional look that enhances the Fit’s sporty character. The 2018 Honda fit will includes a number of exciting trims, as well as…
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What's the Difference Between a Conventional and Synthetic Oil Change?

Getting an oil change is nobody’s favorite thing to do. First, you have to take time out of your busy day to go find a service center you can trust enough to do a good job, while also not overcharging for it a simple task. But, if you don’t do it, the consequences are even worse. The good news is, getting an oil change doesn’t have to be a pain, as long…
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Tips to Keep Your Car Running in the Freezing Weather

Unless you’ve been living under a space heated rock for the last month, you know just how cold it’s been here recently. It’s true that most of us ATLiens aren’t used to freezing conditions, but that doesn’t mean there a you do to prepare yourself. You probably have done the simple things like cranking up the heater and hiding under a pile of blankets. But while you’re bundled up…
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Meet the Brand New Honda Accord

The Accord is one of Honda’s signature vehicles and has become synonymous with the Honda brand through multiple generations and thousands of adoring owners. Some might say, with a car that is already this iconic, why would you want to change things up? But, sometimes it’s good to take on a challenge – and Honda loves nothing more than a good challenge. 

That’s why the 2018 Honda Accord underwent a dramatic re-conception in…
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Why the Ridgeline is so Different

Do you ever get the feeling that all trucks are kind of the same? Do you want a pickup truck but crave something differnt? Well you meet the all-new Honda Ridgeline, a pickup from Honda that is turning heads all over

There’s so many places to start when you’re talking about the Ridgeline. It’s the kind of truck that once you start talking about it, you just can’t stop. So, we…
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Adventure Awaits in the 2018 Honda Civic

What do you know about the Honda Civic? You probably know all about it’s durability, how reliable it is, it’s excellent safety ratings, and generations of adoring fans. But it’s what you don’t know about the Honda Civic that’s so exciting. And that’s what the 2018 Honda Civic is here to show you. 


The 2018 Honda Civic is not your grandma’s Civic (sorry grandma) and it’s not…
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Fun Day Trips to take on One Tank of Gas

Our home in Jonesboro is close to many fun places that you can take on just one tank of gas. So, we decided to list our favorite day trip destinations, that way next time you get your car serviced at our fabulous Service Center, you know the adventure that awaits. 


Stone Mountain 
If you travel east a bit you will no doubt see Stone Mountain rising above the clouds in the distance. This is way…
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The Wonderful World of the Honda Civic Type R

A new type of super car is hitting the road this year, Type R to be exact. Yes, the Honda Civic Type R has returned and is better than ever. Fans of this dream car will recognize the previous versions dating back to the first generation EK9 in 1997, to the fan favorite FD2 in the mid 2000s. But now, in 2017, you can welcome the newest edition to the Type R lineup. 
If you’re a fan of fast and furious cars, there’s a lot to be excited about. The design is based off the Honda Civic hatchback…
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Discover Why the Honda HR-V, CR-V, Pilot, and Odyssey are Great family cars

Honda works hard to provide a wide range of vehicles that give customers plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a fast driving coupe, a large SUV, or an environmentally friendly car, you can find a Honda car that fits your needs. For those with a family, Honda has some of the best options available. 


There are four Honda vehicles you should know if you are looking at purchasing one for your family. The…
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