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Nalley Honda Lease Return Program

Lease ending soon? Find out more about your lease-end options and the return process below.
*We accept all Honda leases, regardless of where the lease was signed.

We make lease returns simple & stress-free.

No matter where your Honda lease came from, we can help walk you through the lease-end process. We have assisted thousands of Atlanta residents transition at the end of their leases and are more than prepared to help you with your lease return. When you come to the Nalley Honda Lease Return Center, we will advise you on the various options you have available when your lease expires and guide through the necessary steps to return, purchase, or trade-in your vehicle.

Returning your lease is a fast and easy process at Nalley Honda in Union City, GA. To make sure you get the most out of your return, we suggest the following: 1) thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle. 2) Remove all of your personal items. 3) Don't forget a second set of keys or you might be charged. 4) Replace your tires early to avoid excessive wear fees.

Lease-End Options

Trade-In Your Vehicle

When your lease comes to an end you have an exciting opportunity to try out a new model and/or upgrade to the latest design and technology. No matter what dealership you originated your lease from, Nalley Honda will gladly take in your current car as a trade-in.


Buy Your Vehicle

If you love the car you are driving, you don't have to give it up just because your lease is coming to an end! When it is time to return your vehicle, you can choose to purchase or finance it for the pre-determined residual amount in your lease contract.


Return Your Vehicle

We understand that things don't always work out as expected and you may wish to return your vehicle without starting a new contract. If so, all you have to do is bring back your vehicle and pay any mileage overages or remaining fees, then you can be on your way.


Extend Your Lease

If you are enjoying the vehicle you are driving and would like some more time to decide what to do, we can look at a lease extension. This is a short-term agreement that will allow you to continue your current lease for a limited period of time.

The Lease Inspection

The independent inspection company will inspect the vehicle free-of-charge at the end of your lease and take a look at the following categories:

- Tears or Stains: Is the upholstery easily cleaned & repaired?
- Mechanical Problems: Are there engine or other system issues?
- Cracks, Stars, or Pitting: Any window or mirror blemishes?
- Tire Wear: Are tires mismatched or exceed normal wear?

The inspectors will measure the size and depth of any dents or scratches and place all inspection notes into a standardized template that will estimate the cost of repairs. You will receive a copy of the condition report that will show any damage above normal wear and tear and what it will cost you to fix the problems.

Ready to get started?

We look forward to helping you with your lease return. Contact us today to begin the process with one of our experts!

*Valid for all Honda leases. Payment will be made after lease is processed by Honda (approximately 48-72 hours after return). See dealer for complete details.