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4-Wheel Alignment Service

From bumps in the road to every day wear and tear, there are many things that can knock your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. When this happens, your tires are not cooperating with each other and your steering wheel as designed, which can lead to a number of problems. From uneven and faster tire wear to more important safety concerns, an alignment problem is not something that should be ignored. Ensuring that your tires are correctly aligned with each other makes for a better driving experience overall by providing a smoother ride, helping your brakes perform better, extending the life of your tires and even improving your car’s fuel economy. It will also give you the advantage in hazardous driving conditions by allowing your tires to gain the maximum amount of traction possible. To find out what signs may point to your Honda needing an alignment, check out our alignment FAQ below.

Honda Alignment Near Me

Is it time to get your tires aligned? Stop by the Nalley Honda service center in Union City, GA for all your maintenance needs. Conveniently located just off I-85 we serve many cities in and around Atlanta including Newnan, McDonough and Lithia Springs. To book an appointment, simply click the "schedule service" button to go to our online scheduler. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alignment Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Learn more about your Honda's tire alignment service below.


What are the signs my tires need alignment?

Properly aligned tires can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance and the longevity of your tires themselves. To save you money and improve your ride quality, it’s important to watch out for the telling signs that it may be time for an alignment. One of the most obvious signs of an alignment issue is your vehicle favoring one direction over another. If your steering wheel turns to the right or left by itself and you notice your car pulling in that direction, your tires are probably out of alignment. Your steering wheel may even vibrate when the tires are pulling in opposing directions. If you suspect an alignment problem, check your tire tread to see if the wear and tear is uneven, as this can also be a symptom. To be 100% sure, visit our service department for an alignment check.


Should I get regular alignments? How often?

Your owner’s manual is a great resource to find out what intervals are recommended for your specific vehicle. You can also visit the Honda Owner’s Site to get all the maintenance information for your Honda by model and year. As a general rule-of-thumb, it is good to get your tires aligned about once per year. This of course varies depending on your driving style and frequency, so paying attention to the signs of uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibration or your vehicle pulling in one direction or the other is a better measure for when an alignment is necessary. You can find out more about the signs the mean your tires are misaligned in the previous questions.


How much will a tire alignment cost me?

Alignment prices can vary by make, model, size of the vehicle and how many tires you are having aligned. There are both four wheel alignments and front wheel alignments, the former of which is recommended for the best performance. While having all of your tires aligned will be a more expensive service, the cost difference is usually minimal in comparison to the benefits you get from having each of your tires working in unison. At Nalley Honda, the retail price of our four wheel alignment is $89.99, but we often have coupons available to make this service more affordable. Check our Specials Page for alignment discounts before you schedule online!

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