Brake Service & Brake Pad Replacements

Keeping your brakes in good condition can be the difference between a close call and a serious accident. When you push down on the brake pedal to stop or slow down your vehicle, hydraulic fluid is released through a series of channels that extend to the brake pads of all four of your tires. The movement of the fluid through this system multiplies the stopping power provided by your foot, giving you the amount of friction necessary to stop the rotation of the tires. If any of these components (brake pads, rotors, brake fluid, etc.) becomes worn out, your stopping effectiveness will decrease and directly inhibit the safety and responsiveness of your vehicle. Being mindful of your recommended service intervals can help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation and allow your vehicle to work more efficiently. Proper brake care and maintenance may include anything from replacing the brake pads to resurfacing rotors and exchanging brake fluid, all of which are provided by the Honda certified techs in our Service Center.

Honda Brake Service Near Me

Is your Honda not stopping as quickly as it used to? Get your brakes looked at by the certified technicians at Nalley Honda in Union City, GA. Located on Jonesboro Rd. Just off I-85, we are easily accessible by most cities near Atlanta such as Newnan, McDonough and Lithia Springs. To make an appointment at our Service Center, all you have to do is click “schedule service” to book your brake service with our online scheduling tool.

Brake Service Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Learn more about your Honda's tire Brakes service below.


How do I know if my brakes need replacement or servicing?

Brake problems can be a potentially dangerous issue, so it is important to be aware of your brake system’s health. If you notice any of these signs of wear and tear, you should have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Strange noises (squeals, screeches, grinding, high-pitch sounds, etc.) coming from your vehicle is often an indicator that your brake pads or shoes have worn out. You may also notice that it takes more force and/or a longer distance for your vehicle to completely stop. A shaky steering wheel could point to a couple of issues including potential brake problems. Finally, if you see any leaking fluid or sense a burning or chemical smell when driving, you should pull over to safety and contact your local service center to have your brakes inspected immediately as these issues could result in a brake failure.


How long do brake pads last? When should I get them changed?

Following the recommended maintenance schedule found in your Honda’s manual will help ensure that your brake pads are properly cared for and replaced when needed. You can also find this information on the Honda Owner’s Website for your specific year and model. Typically brake pad replacement is determined more by certain driving factors and conditions that a set timeframe or mileage amount. These factors can include your driving habits, the environment or weather that you’re driving in, and even the type of materials used in the brake pad and the braking system itself. On average, brake pads usually need replacement somewhere around 50,000 miles. Look for your maintenance light in newer vehicles to help determine when new brakes are needed and be aware of the signs of brake wear mentioned in the questions before this.


How much will my brake service or brake pad replacement cost?

Brake service can involve a number of things from a simple brake pad replacement to the machining of rotors and exchanging the brake fluid. Depending on how much or how little work your car needs, prices can vary significantly. The make, model and size of the vehicle can also contribute to a difference in pricing. Usually brake services are priced “per axle” so if you need all four replaced at the same time, it could become quite costly depending on the condition of your vehicle. At the Nalley Honda Service Center, a brake pad replacement retails for $139.99. We are always running special coupons and incentives on our Service Specials Page, however, so make sure to look for savings and brake discounts before making your appointment.

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