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Adventure Awaits in the 2018 Honda Civic

What do you know about the Honda Civic? You probably know all about it’s durability, how reliable it is, it’s excellent safety ratings, and generations of adoring fans. But it’s what you don’t know about the Honda Civic that’s so exciting. And that’s what the 2018 Honda Civic is here to show you. 


The 2018 Honda Civic is not your grandma’s Civic (sorry grandma) and it’s not…
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Learn All About Honda's Environmental Vehicles

We live in a time when being environmentally conscious is of critical importance. But what does being environmentally conscious really mean? It’s not just recycling, or turning off your lights, or taking shorter showers (although those things are all good.) Environmentally friendly living is a lifestyle, and choice better represents your lifestyle than what kind of car you choose to drive. Luckily, Honda has a full fleet of environmental vehicles that are light on…
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